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Sunday Yoga /// Earth Day

Updated: Apr 18, 2018

It has been a month since the first Sunday Yoga Class has launched at Greenwich Peninsula and it has been so rewarding to see over 60 yogis in total coming together, making new friends and sharing our practice. It is truly amazing to see North Greenwich yoga community grow and I hope that April will bring even more yoga, smiles and sunshine your way! As we see nature preparing for spring, in our classes we will focus even more on connecting to the breath and finding awareness of mental or physical changes that might happen within you.

Also we have a celebration coming up: on 22 April it is International Earth Day. #EarthDay2018

We will honor Earth Day with a nice, sweaty yoga class and later finish with hot tea, home-made granola bars!

One of the most important projects in 2018 for Earth Day Foundation is to tackle plastic pollution.

I think most of you have witnessed the devastating effects plastic pollution has on the world.

To help protect the environment and address climate change, all donation proceeds from our class will go to support Earth Day Foundation!

If you can't make it to the class and still would like to help - here is the donation link

If you are a bit short on money - no worries - you can always help by spreading the word or just simply being more aware of plastic use in your daily live, shopping and choosing plastic-free options!

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